Hello! Welcome to my very minimalist website

A Brief Resume
Work Experience:
    Software Engineering Intern at Google (Summer 2017)
        I wrote some code that made some generated code faster than runs on
        stuff I can't talk about.
    Undergraduate Student Instructor for CS 61A at UC Berkeley
        (Summer 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017, and Fall 2017)
        Taught a 90 minute lab and a 90 minute discussion each week for ~30
        students. Held weekly office hours. Developed course software.
        Spring 2017: Organized alternate exam accommodations
        Fall 2017: Head TA in charge of software development
    Tutor for CS 61A at UC Berkeley (Spring 2016)
        Led a small group (<5 students) review session weekly.
        Developed course software.

    I built the official online Scheme interpreter for 61A.
    I also wrote some Android apps in high school that some people downloaded.
    I put a lot of stuff on my GitHub (including the source code to the
        aforementioned Android apps).

How To Contact Me
If this is about an Android app I developed, please use the address listed
on Google Play. I probably won't respond, but I will receive your message.

If this is related to teaching or anything else I do at Berkeley (including
software I have developed for the course I teach), please use my Berkeley
address (it's on the course website).

If you have questions about my GitHub projects (excluding Android apps) please
email "jen" at this address. I already have a job ready for after a graduate,
so please don't contact me if you are recruiting.

If you know me personally, you should probably just send me a Facebook message.
If I have ever given you my Gmail address or cell number, it's fine to use
those as well.

All other inquiries should be written on a paper airplane and thrown to the
wind. If it's important, I'll receive it.

A Final Note
If you know me (personally or professionally) and are confused by some aspects
of this page (mostly one thing in particular, but if you're confused, you know
what that is), send me a message and I'll explain things.