Hello! Welcome to my very minimalist website

A Brief Resume
Work Experience:
    Software Engineer at Google (starts September 2018)
    Course Instructor for CS 61A at UC Berkeley (Summer 2018)
        With my co-instructors, will hire and manage a staff of ~30 TAs and
        tutors in teaching a class of several hundred students.
    Software Engineering Intern at Google (Summer 2017)
        Designed and implemented optimizations to an intermediate language,
        improving performance in generated C++ and Java code by as much as 50x.
    Undergraduate Student Instructor for CS 61A at UC Berkeley
        (Summer 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017, and Fall 2017)
        Taught a 90 minute lab and a 90 minute discussion each week for ~30
        students. Held weekly office hours. Developed course software.
        Spring 2017: Organized alternate exam accommodations
        Fall 2017: Head TA in charge of software development
        Spring 2018: Head TA in charge of infrastructure and grading
                     (also included a lot of software development)
    Tutor for CS 61A at UC Berkeley (Spring 2016)
        Led a small group (<5 students) review session weekly.
        Developed course software.

    I built the online Scheme interpreter for 61A.
    I also wrote some Android apps in high school that some people downloaded.
    I put a lot of stuff on my GitHub (including the source code to the
        aforementioned Android apps).

How To Contact Me
If this is about an Android app I developed, please use the address listed
on Google Play. I probably won't respond, but I will receive your message.

If this is related to teaching or anything else I do at Berkeley (including
software I have developed for the course I teach), please use my Berkeley
address (it's on the course website).

If you have questions about my GitHub projects (excluding Android apps) please
email "jen" at this address. I already have a job for after I graduate, so
please don't contact me if you are recruiting outside of Google.

If you know me personally, you should probably just send me a Facebook message.
If I have ever given you my Gmail address or cell number, it's fine to use
those as well.