Hi, I'm Jen Thakar! (or Jennifer, either is fine)

I'm a software engineer currently living in Mountain View.

My Resume (last updated October 2018)

My GitHub

How To Contact Me
If you have questions about my work/projects or are interested in hiring me,
please email "jen" at this domain. Please do not use my work email unless you
also work at Google and your message is work-related.

If you have questions related to my teaching at Berkeley (including course
software), please use my campus email (jthakar at berkeley dot edu).

My Twitter is @jathak. My DMs are open for personal or professional messages.

For people I know personally, I generally prefer to use FB Messenger, but please
don't contact me there unless we are already FB friends.

Regardless of channel, I can be pretty slow about responding to messages. If
you need a response and I don't respond within a day or two, feel free to ping
me again.